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The Importance of a Clean Shop Front

Posted on by J Radford Group

The importance of a clean shop front

In business, first impressions count. Whether you’re a retailer, service provider or trader, your premises needs to represent you in a clean and favourable way. Nothing puts clients off quicker than an entrance that looks in any way neglected or unsafe. You may be the best in the business, but if your frontage is sub-par, you’ll be doing yourself and your customers a disservice.

  • Broken signage
  • Dirty windows
  • Graffiti
  • Out of order doors
  • Litter and leaf litter


Interestingly, a 2014 poll by YouGov found the British public have mixed opinions when it comes to graffiti. With regards to artwork that is commissioned to brighten up city centres,  58% answered that ‘some graffiti is acceptable’ and this refers to professional pieces that are used by businesses and councils to add style to drab buildings.

On the flipside, nuisance graffiti and vandalism brings areas and businesses into disrepute. A majority of businesses want to maintain a clean and professional appearance. If you allow your business and its surrounds to be abused, this gives the impression of carelessness and a lack of pride in the local community.

It may seem like a minor problem, but graffiti tags are an eyesore and often have deeper implications than a tag thoughtlessly spray-painted onto a wall. This is because one instance of vandalism leads to another and creates a snowball effect that will tarnish your business’s reputation.

Further still, graffiti tags are known to be linked to gang territory and the drug trade in some instances. It’s imperative, therefore, to have it removed at the earliest convenience.

Improve your frontage: the basics

Easy and affordable ways to improve your business frontage include regular window cleaning, updated displays and signage and a weekly litter pick. Whether you contract this work out or complete it yourself is up to you and depends on the size and scale of your business. Whichever you choose, these methods are proven to improve satisfaction scores and have customers returning for repeat business.

Improve your frontage: graffiti

Specialists such as J. Radford Group Ltd. provide a first-class solution to problem graffiti in the form of anti-graffiti paint.

This is a clear coat consisting of a pigment, binder and solvent. There are three kinds of paint that actively protect your walls against all types of spray paint:

  • Sacrificial – a wax-based solution that washes off along with problem graffiti
  • Semi-permanent – acrylic-based so problem graffiti wipes off its surface
  • Permanent – long lasting with additional resistance to fly-posters

J. Radford Group Ltd. recommend a professional apply anti-graffiti coatings for the perfect finish that maintains your business’s attraction for customers. For nuisance graffiti that is already in situ, quick and cost-effective blast cleaning services restore frontages to their original, clean patina.

For anti-graffiti coating, facade cleaning and vehicle refinishing in London, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire, look no further than J. Radford Group Ltd. Our team have over 30 years’ experience and are proud to keep businesses of the South East looking and performing their best. Contact us for more information about our services. Our team are always happy to help.

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