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5 retail layout secrets

Posted on by J Radford Group

Retail is a tricky thing to get right and the smallest margins can mean the difference between making profit and making a loss. It’s for this reason that every store owner, whether part of a chain or an independent store, wants to make the most of their space and create an inviting and engaging place for customers to shop.

A layout for a shop is not something to simply be thrown together; careful consideration needs to be taken to attract customers and make an impact in the market. With more money to spend, the big retailers can employ a dedicated team to just such a task, and here are 5 of their biggest layout secrets.

1)    Create breaks in your store. If your customers have to walk long aisles without any chance of a break they will quickly tire and turn back. You lose their attention and once it’s gone there is little which can be done to claw it back, so make sure you put breaks in your aisles so customers can cut through, weaving their own path. This will make them feel like they’re making progress in their search.

2)    Create striking window displays. The layout of your store should also cater for customers walking by outside. Keep your windows free of clutter and mess and present your potential customers with attention grabbing displays. This can be a simple, bright and clean design or something more outrageous – just keep it tidy and appealing.

3)    Create angles for navigation. To stop your shop becoming an uncomfortable space, try creating angles. These can act as guides for shoppers giving them freedom and intrigue to their journey.

4)    Create unique displays. The way in which you set up your displays can have a huge impact on your customers; if you don’t have any then there is no way for you to grab their attention and tell them about your product. A display which uses “hug” signs – a curved structure to resemble the body language of a hug – can give people a positive association and puts them more at ease. At this point they will be more likely to spend time browsing and possibly purchasing your goods.

5)    Direct customers to the right. It’s thought that as shoppers we tend to look from left to right, so the natural pathway for a perusing customer will be to their right. If you can create attractive features to the right, customers will take up the natural flow and will be in their element, comfortable enough to possibly even make purchases.

At J Radford Group we are leading experts when it comes to shop fitting and interiors; we aim to provide all the refurbishment and installation to make your retail unit as successful as possible. Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual project and how we can help you get the best out of your retail space with our interior re-fit services.

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