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Advantages of Grit Blasting for Surface Preparation

Posted on by J Radford Group


Shot blasting and grit blasting are great methods for preparing surfaces. Using either material, fired at high speeds, we can prepare a surface to either be repainted, resealed or simply to offer it a new lease of life. It’s a great way of removing rust, stains, scaling and old coats of paint which no longer retain their vibrancy.

There are many advantages to choosing grit blasting for surface preparation over other techniques, simply read on to find out some of the main reasons people choose this technique for surface preparation.

No chemicals involved

Because the main principle involved with grit and shot blasting is abrasion there is no better alternative. Other techniques would involve chemicals and acids which are harmful to the environment and more difficult to dispose of.

When it comes to grit and shot blasting, the results are the same but with pellets and dust to vacuum up and these materials are often recycled so there is little wastage involved. It’s important to keep in mind that while both chemicals and blasting do the same job, the chemicals could impact on the surface and any new coating applied.

A better potential bond

Following on from the above point, the bond for your surface once it has been cleaned up is important. Because blasting is a more natural technique it will allow any new paint, seal or protective coating to take better hold. If chemicals are used to clean the surface the bond between surface and coating may not be as strong and therefore may not hold up as well.

Accuracy for patterning

With the wider variety of abrasive materials and the option for greater accuracy in blasting, you can create patterns when blasting – something which is much harder to achieve with other techniques. If you’re looking to get creative with the surface you’re cleaning up, then blasting is the best option.

No scaling or dust on your surface

Using shot and grit blasting means that there is no dust or scaling left behind on your surface, you simply end up with a cleaner surface. You also won’t need to wash the surface clean of chemicals as none are used in this process. It might seem that an abrasive technique such as this should leave some form of damage behind, but the material underneath the corrosion or scaling will be left untouched with professional blasting.

Longevity for your surface

As a long term solution you can do no better for your surface than to apply abrasive blasting. The eco-friendly, accurate and residue-free technique means you get a surface with the potential to last. Regardless of whether you are coating the virgin material or simply looking for a smooth and rust-free finish, the results you can get provide longevity for your surface.

Here at J Radford Group we are experts when it comes to shot blasting and grit blasting a variety of surfaces. We’re also Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme accredited for your peace of mind, so contact us today for more information and ask us about how we can help clean up your surfaces.

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