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Circumstances Requiring Blast Cleaning

Posted on by J Radford Group


Blast cleaning is becoming more and more popular, but for many people there is still a mystery surrounding exactly what circumstances warrant blast cleaning services. Blast cleaning can use a variety of materials, put under high pressure, to be fired at a surface for a variety of reasons. The abrasive nature of this procedure is enough to carry out different jobs at different levels of pressure.

In this article we will look at a few ways in which you can utilise blast cleaning and the impact it has on differing surfaces.


Starting off with the obvious application of cleaning – it’s in the name – there are several different ways you can clean up a surface using blast cleaning. The first is to get rid of rust which has accumulated on any surface.

Similarly to cleaning a stone surface or remove marine growth from structures, this high pressure blast of grit can take away any stubborn colouring, marking or growth to leave behind the vibrant and natural look of a brand new building.

With such a harsh, stripping technique you might not realise that it can be used on wooden structures too. But with a lower pressure you can spruce up things such as beams or pillars to give them a new lease of life.


If a surface is simply a little worn looking or has been scuffed up, it might not be in need of a clean. In this instance you can use certain blasting materials to polish a surface and give it back its shine.


If you have a bright, brand new surface you might want to achieve the opposite effect to cleaning – ageing. This is often needed to give a surface a more rustic look, helping items or surroundings to look more authentic.


If you have a surface which is vulnerable and needs to be hardened then there are some instances where blasting could help, leaving behind a firmer, more robust surface. This can give your surfaces or materials a whole new feel and purpose.

Regardless of how large or small a portion of blasting you need it can be achieved, with smaller handheld blasters in a contained unit for small cleaning and polishing jobs, and larger blasting equipment for taking on whole rooms and walls.

Here at J Radford Group we carry out blasting services for a variety of purposes using a variety of materials including silicon carbide and walnut shells. To discuss your individual project with our professional team, or if you’d like more information on circumstances requiring blast cleaning, simply contact us today.

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