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Case Study #2

Posted on by J Radford Group

Neilcott Construction is a long established construction company who operate premier contracting services for all manner of projects. Here at J Radford Group we were pleased to join forces with the Neilcott team to work with them on a recent project with our professional services; this particular project was based in London in Ryger House.

For this project, we were required to sandblast ’Torc’ and then spray paint the steel columns with specialist intumescent ‘Fire resistant’ paint at this site to enable the project, which was a high-end residential development close to the Ritz Hotel in London. For the sandblasting we used the ‘Torc’ method which is effective in removing rust caused by the elements & ageing, and ensure the steels are prepared for the re-painting in fire proof paint. Throughout the project we had to liaise closely with Neilcott Construction to ensure the work was done to their specification.

The project itself took 4 weeks and was completed on-time and a satisfied client was the result! The site itself presented obstacles as neighbouring businesses and residents needed to be factored into the work. We were given guidelines to work with such as keeping noise & dust to an absolute minimum, to ensure as little disturbance as possible. The Weather was a particular problem, as it was very windy and had heavy rain, due to an open roofed site.

Once the project was underway, we had to work in conjunction with other trades on site, taking everyone’s Health & safety into consideration. Sections of the building had to be encapsulated, to allow other trades to continue with the work.

To speak to us about any current or forthcoming projects whether Torc ‘Sandblasting’ or Chemical cleaning get in touch today. We are happy to offer advice, and a site visit where required, to fully survey your site.

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