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Building Conservation And Longevity

Posted on by J Radford Group

In the UK we have a whole host of fantastic buildings, steeped in history and architectural beauty. But over time, all buildings are subject to wear and tear, with surfaces vulnerable to weathering and different materials having different lifespans.

For this reason we need to look after the buildings in our towns, cities and villages and ensure they are preserved for future generations. There has been a steady acceptance of bland building plans for the numerous homes now built which look alike, but our architecture elsewhere needn’t be so mundane – there are some fantastic buildings out there which have been saved through building conservation projects.

Camera Obscura, Bournemouth

This testament to the Victorian seaside holiday was left in a ruined state, having received repairs which were not well performed. Thanks to conservation experts it was revived to its former glory in 2003. The timber building was first constructed in 1887 and was rebuilt in the 1890s after a fire.

The building had succumbed to damp for the most part and a lack of proper maintenance had rendered most of the features lifeless. In fairness, the materials were long past their lifespan, but now, with lovingly reconstructed parts, this gem on the slopeside has been offered longevity past its original purpose.

Forest Lodge & Pavillion, Nottingham

Located just outside the city centre, the Nottingham recreation ground had buildings in need of work. Thankfully they were saved from ruin in recent years thanks to funding from the Lottery. The pavillion building has been rescued from decay, transformed into a visitors centre for the recreation ground, while the lodge has been painstakingly restored, and looks magnificent when lit up of an evening, just on the cusp of the grounds. The two buildings are grade II listed and have been a huge part of the forest recreation ground since 1845.

How Long Do Buildings Last?

As you’ve read in the two examples, a building can last a long time. Its longevity is informed, firstly, by how well it is built and maintained. If you use only the best materials you will get more life out of a building, cheaper materials will deteriorate quickly. The location of the building also impacts its lifespace – if it’s exposed to seawater and spray it will be more likely to erode. similarly, if exposed to constant bad weather, a building will not last nearly as long.

The longevity of a building is important. If we don’t build things to last then we are wasting time and money. Architecture which has survived through decades and centuries is often considered to be superior to our modern construction.

Here at J Radford Group we are dedicated to providing premier building conservation services, offering longevity to building which might not otherwise survive. Our JOS/TORC system allows for safe cleaning of buildings which need bringing back to life.

For more information about our building conservation services simply contact our professional, friendly team today.

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