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Why brand your company vehicle?

Posted on by J Radford Group

Part of getting your custom for your business is through the creation of a brand and if you have vehicles which you use as part of your day to day work tasks then it might be time you started to think about branding those vehicles. You can brand your vans or cars with vehicle spray painting and bodywork from specialists.

There are many benefits to having your branding on your vehicle but here are just a few of the key reasons to do so.

Brand Awareness

Creating a brand isn’t just about applying a name to a company, you need something which customers and clients can recognise easily. If your decal isn’t eye catching or is too complicated to understand then it will have little impact other than to confuse people. You want people to see a well branded vehicle and know that it is part of your organisation; a presence in the locations you work in can always have the potential to lead to further business.

Your brand should demonstrate who you are, what you do and what your company is about. For example, if you deal with antiques then you’ll want a refined and prestigious brand marking, so that even if people aren’t sure what your exact services are they know you deal in antiques and you care enough to project that in every aspect of your business. For a fun, funky vibe then brighter colours and crazier designs help to reflect this.

Trust and Authority

This leads neatly on from brand awareness. If you have vehicles, regardless of whether you use them for collections, deliveries, home visits or long distance travelling, you want people to believe that you are the authority in your chosen sector. By branding all your vehicles you’re telling people that you’re a respectable company who is proud to be seen out and around town.

You’ll create trust the more people see your brand, with the same logo in the public consciousness people more likely to turn to you when they need whatever it is which you provide. People will be much more at ease when you arrive too, as opposed to when you turn up in an unmarked vehicle – anyone could turn up in a blank van or car but only a professional will have a company branded vehicle.

Free Advertising

While you might be paying to have your company vehicles branded it is a small expense in comparison to the amount of free advertising you get when you drive around cities and towns. People are instantly drawn to a visually branded vehicle; turning people’s heads can often equate to more business enquiries.

If you want to advertise in the local press, through billboards or even a small clipping in a magazine you could be spending a fortune without knowing if you’ll hit your target audience. By providing a constant projection of your company and your logo you can access a large audience as you drive around.


At J Radford Group we offer first rate vehicle spray painting and bodywork services to help you project the image of your company. So whether you want to spruce up a tired looking vehicle or you want to take the step of having branded vehicles, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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