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Common Causes Of Bodywork Damage

Posted on by J Radford Group

Maintaining the bodywork of your commercial vehicles is of the utmost importance. You want to present a tidy, professional image to the public and the look of your vehicles speaks volumes about how you conduct your business, as well as where your values lie. 
The best method of keeping your vehicles in top condition is to know the common causes of bodywork damage. Armed with the knowledge you find in this article you will hopefully be more aware of ways in which you can protect the bodywork of your commercial vehicle.

Bumper & Trim Damage

The bane of every motorists life is the constant threat of potholes. What might seem like shallow bumps can sometimes throw up a surprise and bump a vehicle so hard that the trim or the back end of the truck is damaged. Whether it’s because the driver hasn’t spotted the hazard or because the speed of the road has put extra stress on the vehicle going over the hole, the damage will require repairs. Potholes are not always easy to avoid but you could prevent further damage to your vehicles if your drivers are aware of the impact they could potentially have on their vehicle.

Flank Damage

Often you might not actually spot the damage to your van or truck flank – especially on the doors – but what is immediately obvious is that the damage was probably sustained when the vehicle was parked up somewhere. Parking anywhere is a nightmare when you’re trying to keep your paintwork and bodywork in good condition. Try parking in the areas where fewer people are likely to park close to you or catch the flank of your truck. You should also warn your drivers to be careful when opening their doors too as they could hit other vehicles or walls and cause the damage themselves.

Stone & Debris Damage

Loose stones and debris are another top offender for damage to the bodywork of vehicles. Depending on the speed you’re going and the surface you’re driving over there is always the risk that a stone could be kicked up from a vehicle in front, behind or beside you. You can try to prevent this by distancing yourself from other vehicles when driving over a surface with loose gravel (as well as lowering your speed), but you cannot always legislate for the bad luck you sometimes encounter in this regard.

Bumps & Scrapes Damage

The damage from a bump or a scrape is already inconvenience enough because of the dent it is likely to create, but the shape of dent can impact your paintwork too. If the damage is a smooth dent you may be able to get it buffed out with little trouble, however, a firmer dent will produce a crease line where your paintwork will suffer should you buff the damage out.

Minimise accidents which end up with your vehicles being damaged by ensuring your drivers know how important the condition of your vehicles are. You can also ensure your drivers are all fully qualified and competent before letting them get behind the wheel.

Here at J Radford Group we carry out spray painting and bodywork for commercial vehicles to help you maintain a pristine fleet as your operate your business. Contact us today for more details or to book your vehicles in with our professional team.

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