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Areas of a Building Which May Require Maintenance

Posted on by J Radford Group

All buildings are subject to wear and weather, but returning the building to its former glory may not be as impossible as it first appears. Here are a few ideas of how to tackle some of the major areas.

Exterior Walls

Cleaning of exterior brickwork also lends itself to professional blast cleaning. Interior walls can be cleaned in a similar manner if they haven’t been plastered.

Nothing looks worse than old properties which have previously had the brickwork painted over or where the exposed brick has absorbed dirt and moss. Five or ten years down the line the paint is flaking, dropping off, covered in stains and looks a complete mess. Rubbing the walls down and repainting is a short term solution not worth the time and effort involved. Get the walls spray cleaned, where all that old paint and staining can be removed. Whether an old terrace house or something more grandiose, returning the brickwork to its former glory can add a whole new dimension to the appearance of the property.

Commercial Properties

Many old and new warehousing is built from poured concrete, or steel sheeting, using the same sheeting as a roof covering. Elderly, unused units quickly fall into a state of disrepair, usually helped along by vandalism and graffiti. Luckily, these building materials are ideal for spray cleaning, whether water, sand or shot. Exterior, roof, and interior cleaning can be tackled in the same manner.

In a short space of time, the interior can then be re-fitted, and the exterior is ready for spray painting. Many professional blast cleaning companies also provide a paint spraying service, turning your old neglected unit into a unit looking brand new in the shortest possible time.


Providing the roof is watertight then getting it spray cleaned, whether slate or tile, can make an immediate improvement to the look of the property. Moss, lichen, bird droppings, water staining, and atmospheric pollution will all be removed, leaving your roof in pristine conditions.

Any intricate stonework could also be preserved through conservation efforts

Window Refurbishment

Provided the building being refurbished isn’t listed, removing old wooden framed windows and replacing with good UPVC double or triple glazed units, is generally the way to go. Not only will they provide an attractive, long lasting window but greatly enhance the insulation of the property for tenants or owner. Windows in listed buildings may well have to be removed and repairs carried out to provide a refurbished window and frame in the same style as the original.

Employing a professional blast cleaning company like the J. Radford Group may at first seem like an extreme measure, but consider the alternative. Two, three, or more members of staff, buckets of water and chemicals, scrubbing brushes and brooms, all trying to achieve a finish which won’t be a patch on a professionally cleaned wall. Add to that the hire of ancillary items such as ladders, roof ladders and scaffolding, all the extra time required and suddenly calling in the professionals becomes the sensible option.

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