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The Different Forms Of Vandalism In London

Posted on by J Radford Group

Across London every year there are mindless acts of vandalism which make people feel nervous and vulnerable. The figures for vandalism are often hard to draw conclusions from due to the fact that the numbers rise and fall, but one thing that is certain is the fact that people are made to feel uncomfortable, with millions of pounds spent every year to repair the damage done.

The ways people class vandalism can be different, which is why this month we’re going to look at the different types of vandalism, their cost and how you might better protect your business or premises.

Broken Windows

Whether it’s a residential property or commercial premises, broken windows can be dangerous and costly to repair. Discovering a broken window can have even further impact as people fear they may have been broken into. Even without the added impact of burglary, a broken window is a nuisance and while it’s often put down to youngsters causing trouble it could just as easily be adults who commit this offence.


We’ve all seen the raggedy posters which adorn walls, fences and lampposts, and while this might seem like the norm, it’s actually a form of vandalism. These bills are being posted in an area where they should not be and the wall is usually owned by a business, landlord or the council. In an attempt to stop this some areas will have specific boards to post on but it does not seem to fully halt the tide of posters advertising shows, clubs and events.

At J Radford we provide a permanent anti-graffiti coating which helps to prevent posters being stuck to your walls and surfaces.

Small Fires

Usually referred to as arson, smaller fires are not always intended to destroy a whole building, often they are the result of bored teens. The intention is to cause damage and this is yet another costly piece of vandalism for businesses and councils, it also applies extra pressure to emergency services. A good fire alarm system – or possibly a suppression system if your business warrants it – is a good way to help raise the alarm and prevent the spread of fires.


The number one complaint when it comes to general vandalism is about graffiti. For many people it signals that anti-social behaviour is present in a neighbourhood and residents fear that, if left unchecked, the behaviour may grown more serious in nature. Graffiti can be both threatening and just plain unsettling when done under the cover of darkness.

With a variety of anti-graffiti coatings, both temporary and permanent, we at J Radford can help to keep your commercial premises free from the blight of graffiti.

Dutch graffiti is different to the usual spray paint variety and involves etching or cutting into plastic or glass windows. This is a recurring issue for TFL, with their buses and underground carriages targets for such vandalism.

Contact our professional team today if you’d like more information on the best way to tackle the threat of graffiti for your property and we’ll be happy to help. At J Radford we’ll be able to recommend the right coating to help prevent graffiti, or we can help you to remove existing graffiti with abrasive blasting.

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