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Reasons You Might Need Protective Coating

Posted on by J Radford Group

Surface damage and corrosion costs businesses millions of pounds each year. This damage can affect the exterior surfaces of buildings, but can also cause internal issues that are expensive to repair. Many issues are due to environmental factors, but they can also occur due to man-made effects like graffiti and vandalism.

Thankfully, there are protective coatings that can protect these surfaces from damage, leading to long-term savings and a quality appearance. While there are many benefits to protecting walls and structures, the following examples can gain the most from using a protective coating.

Steel Structures

Steel structures are susceptible to rust and corrosion if they are not protected. The presence of water and oxygen, along with environmental pollutants, can quickly lead to rusting. While this combination would put countless buildings at risk, including many offices, residential buildings and bridges, those that have applied a coating to protect the steel have remained healthy for many years. Corrosion of steel can be very targeted, so it is important that the surfaces are correctly prepared and any existing pollutants are carefully removed from the structure. This risk emphasises the need to use an experienced team, familiar with the preparation and application procedures.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

In London, cleaning graffiti has been estimated to cost over £100 million pounds each year, while it reaches into the billions on a global scale. For individual businesses, these costs can be very damaging to annual figures. Rather than reacting to graffiti issues, many people are looking to proactively protect themselves with anti-graffiti coatings. The coating can work in a variety of ways, but it will typically stop graffiti paint from attaching to a wall. This simple addition can provide a pleasing look to the outer surface, but it will instantly stop any persistent threat of graffiti damage.

Acid Rain Damage

Acid rain can slowly, but irreparably cause damage to metal surfaces, causing irreversible corrosion and an unsightly appearance. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released into the environment and fall to the ground in rainfall and other weather conditions. These chemical compounds can be spread over long distances in the wind, so widespread areas can be harmed over time. Many structures will feel the effects of acid rain in the long-term, but an effective coating can protect the surfaces for a considerable period of time.

These are just three examples of cases where protective coatings can provide a series of benefits, both for the long-term expense and the appearance of a building or structure. Dealing with structural damage, both superficial and otherwise, can be a complicated and expensive process, so it is wise to protect yourself before you start seeing any corrosive damage appear.

At J Radford Group we have over 30 years of experience in the blast cleaning and protective coatings industries. We work in both the domestic and commercial industries, and have worked on many large projects throughout London and the surrounding areas.

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