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How does graffiti affect business owners?

Posted on by J Radford Group

The argument over graffiti and it’s status is something we’ve previously covered, but what is the impact of unauthorised graffiti on businesses? In this article we take a look at the ways in which local businesses and their neighbourhoods are affected by graffiti and tagging on cars, walls, doors and any other property.

It reduces the amount of custom businesses see

Imagine walking along the street and noticing some graffiti scrawled up the side of a building. Would you want to go into that building if it were a shop? Graffiti has negative connotations for many people and will result in them associating a particular place with criminal activity. As a result of this, any business which has been defaced with graffiti will see less people coming through their doors and therefore less money going into the tills.

It makes people feel less secure

This point is doubly true, as not only will customers feel intimidated by the sight of graffiti, making them stay away, but the business owners themselves will no doubt be thinking more about the security of their premises. If someone can spray your building without any repercussions they might be willing to go further in future. This increase in fear is not pleasant for anyone; if we suspect criminal activity around our property then we’re more likely to constantly be on edge.

It devalues the property in the local area

Whilst the psychological impact is the main concern for many people, there is also the financial aspect of graffiti. Once a building is tagged it immediately become less valuable. This happens for two reasons: firstly, the aesthetic of the building has been ruined by something which is unlikely to be in keeping with the tone of the business; and secondly due to the perception of higher crime levels in the immediate area.

This doesn’t just happen to the afflicted premises, however: all the surrounding property will be scrutinised and associated with the risk of such crime, causing the area’s perception and value to be diminished considerably.

It is an unexpected cost to have graffiti removed

You’re never expecting graffiti to happen so it is not likely to have been factored into your business’s budget. When it does occur you will no doubt have to pay to get it removed and this can be a nightmare when it comes to finances. Many businesses can’t afford this kind of extra expense and it ultimately damages the local economy if a business has to shut down due to a lack of funds.

It’s thought that if graffiti is removed quickly enough there is less chance of it happening again, with the negative associations removed immediately and a less inviting advertisement for other graffiti vandals.

Should you find yourself a victim of graffiti or criminal tagging on your premises then you need look no further than J Radford. We provide anti-graffiti coating which helps to remove graffiti from your structure. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

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