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Five ways to make your fleet vehicles look and feel new

Posted on by J Radford Group

If vehicles are a part of your business, whether you use them as delivery vehicles or you have them assigned to your staff so they can go on call-outs, it’s important to look after them.
Keeping fleet vehicles clean and in top condition will allow your staff to take pride in their day to day duties. That’s why this month, we’ve got five ways in which you can regularly maintain your vehicles to keep them looking and feeling new.

1. Keep an air freshener handy

There is a no smoking policy enforced by law for vehicles shared by staff, this should ward off a lot of the bad smells which come from smoking. However, it doesn’t tackle other odours, especially if a person smokes just before setting back out in a vehicle. Odours can cling to the upholstery, so it’s a good idea to get a discreet air freshener to maintain a fresh smell (many clip onto your dashboard or vents). This, along with regular upholstery spraying, will make vehicles more comfortable for everyone.

2. Maintain mats and seats

You staff have to sit in their vehicles for long periods of time, so it needs to be comfortable for them. One thing you’ll notice with regular usage, is the wear and tear on your mats and your seats. While these won’t need replacing all too often, once they do show signs of damage they should be replaced. Seat covers are a great idea if your workforce are often covered in muck and grime.

3. Check tyre pressure regularly

There is a very real safety benefit for checking on your tyre pressure regularly. With under inflated tyres you are more susceptible to punctures and your tyres will most definitely sustain more wear. In addition to this though, there is the benefit of a more comfortable, controlled drive. With properly inflated tyres your drivers will find the handling of their vehicles much easier.

4. Regular steam cleaning

No matter where your vehicles are driven, they all collect mud, dust and grime out on the roads. This not only looks unattractive for your workers, but it can also give a bad impression of your company to the public. With regular steam cleaning you can clean vehicles of any size to rid them of dirt and grime collected on from their travels. With dedicated steam cleaning bays, at J Radford Group we are fully equipped for steam cleaning your vehicles.

5. Opt for vehicle refinishing

This might be the priciest option on the list to maintain your vehicles, but it will give you the best results overall. Tired, faded and dated branding can do more harm than good, making customers nervous when they see your teams arrive. At J Radford Group our dedicated vehicle refinishing team can restore your paintwork and have your vehicles looking better than ever.

Get in touch today if you’d like more details on vehicle refinishing or steam cleaning and we’ll be happy to help.

At J Radford Group we’re currently looking to hire experienced commercial vehicle paint sprayers. The ideal candidates will be joining our fantastic team and helping us to provide a fantastic services to our clients. For more information on this role, please contact Tricia via

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