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Benefits of Vehicle Branding

Posted on by J Radford Group

In a challenging economic climate, firms are looking to minimise outgoings while still maintaining branding and an advertising presence. Marketing is usually the first port of call for budget cuts and it means being creative with any monies that remain.

If you’re a fleet operator, have you considered the missed advertising opportunity that your vehicle’s bodywork represents?

J Radford Group - Benefits of Vehicle Branding

Advantage of fleet advertising.

Considering the return on investment for vehicle branding, it’s clear that simply adding a logo and friendly call to action, such as ‘Call us today!’ can draw the attention of tens of thousands of passersby. This measure is based on travel through a major UK city. However, even travelling on the motorway has the benefit of directly advertising to people who are likely to live and work in your coverage area.

It all boils down to the idea that your fleet is a mass of moving billboards that tell a customer who you are, what you do and when you operate.

Here’s what you’ll get when branding your fleet:

  • Free advertising in various locations
  • Raised brand awareness
  • Brilliant return on investment

Will vehicle branding work for my business?

Yes, frankly.

Every kind of fleet operator has had a success story by using effective branding. From predictable improvements in sales of consumer items, such as food, drink and pharmaceuticals, to clever vinyl wraps on refuse lorries, articulated lorries and coaches.

It’s all about what message you convey.

What message?

The message can be as simple as making your entire fleet look fresh and modern. This conveys a simple message: ‘we’re professional, reliable and friendly.’

You can send a bolder message than this or you can poke fun at your own business in a light-hearted way. One example is a well-known waste collection firm who turn their lorries into trash-eating monsters and dragons using their stylised, distinctive cab wraps. In one fell swoop, these wraps make their business attractive to the average passerby.

Why is that important? Because, the average passerby is likely to be your customer’s customer. Which means, they are important to you, too.

Another design that turns heads is a wrap that makes a large-bodied van look like a sports car from the side. This is a particular favourite if you are an automotive business and particularly if you specialise in cleaning, performance or alloy wheels.

Anything else?

The two above examples above share one important thing: they are both fun and draw the eye to your vehicle. Think about it, without a clever wrap would the average person look twice? Your vehicle is seen by thousands of people every week. Challenge them to look again!

What about resale value?

Vinyl wraps can be removed without a speck of damage to the original paintwork, either by a specialist or by automotive auction houses and the like. 

J Radford Group is a specialist in fleet vehicle refinishing services. This includes lorry cab wrapping for business who are looking to make their fleet look fresh. We can even print and apply wraps that are customised to your branding, logos and any messages you wish to apply to your lorries, vans and van-derived cars. We also offer fantastic blast cleaning services throughout London and Hertfordshire. To learn more about us, or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  



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