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How Anti Graffiti Coating Works

Posted on by J Radford Group


Here in the UK we spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on cleaning up and removing graffiti from our walls and buildings. A large portion of this spend is located specifically in London, which shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the dense population of the area. What is clear is that we’re wasting far too much time and money on removing graffiti without tackling the problem.

The consistent offence of graffiti and tagging on buildings hasn’t died off and people are clearly not being deterred from this activity with harsh enough punishment. With this in mind you might consider investing in an anti graffiti coating for your walls of your building or premises. If you’re persistently targeted by graffiti artists then this could save you money in the long term by protecting your surfaces.

How Anti Graffiti Coating Works

While you may have heard about this kind coating before, you may be sceptical about how it actually works and what is involved. That’s why we’ve detailed exactly how it works and what the benefits are for you.

The anti graffiti coating can either be in the paint already, allowing you to use the colour you want and coat your walls are the same time, or it can be in the form of a clear coating which is applied to your walls without altering the look of your building or structure.

The coating which is applied to your structure is made up of pigment, binder and solvent, each of which has its own task. The pigment gives the coating its colour (or in some cases, no colour), the binder is the glue of the coating and will join the pigment to create a solid surface once dried. Solvent is present in these paints and coatings to keep the mixture wet while it is applied, but it evaporates to leave the aforementioned bond on the wall.

Once this is dried, the nature of the mixture means that paints are unable to stay on the wall or facing. If anyone using a paint based spray attempts to mark the wall it will simply not hold, any remnants left behind can be easily washed away or will be removed by rain.

What Are The Benefits of Anti Graffiti Coatings?

The main benefit of anti graffiti is immediately obvious, with graffiti artists unable to use spray paint or marks to vandalise your walls. But the coating can be used on a variety of surfaces – not just your walls. It can be applied to metal surfaces including fences and vehicles if needed.

With your surfaces protected you will no longer need to spend lots of money on expensive graffiti removal services. The initial outlay you will spend on the coating will soon pay for itself in this respect.

For more information on anti graffiti coating for your building or surfaces, simply contact J Radford Group today. We have a variety of options to suit all needs, including permanent, semi-permanent and sacrificial coatings and our team will be happy to advise which will work best for the materials you wish to protect.

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