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The Benefits of Dustless Blast Cleaning

Posted on by J Radford Group

The thought of blast cleaning usually conjures images of an operator in full PPE wear sending up dust plumes and leaving a lot of mess behind afterwards. But what if you could immediately suppress the dust particles associated with this? Dustless blast cleaning from J Radford Group in London comes with a number of benefits over traditional blasting methods.

Dustless blasting uses water combined with different abrasive materials in a pressurised system. Whether you’re preparing surfaces for repainting or you’re simply stripping away an existing coating, you’ll likely notice the following benefits:

Dustless blast cleaning is environmentally friendly

Traditional blasting poses a number of issues. Using abrasive materials fired at high speeds, it can often leave areas contaminated. This requires clean-up but also means the immediate area must be contained to avoid people inhaling the dust particles from blasting.

The water used in this process is also limited to only what is needed – not a constant supply which would waste water. That means you won’t be using massive amounts of water to achieve the results you’re after, keeping costs down and limiting the impact on the environment.

Dustless blasting is safer for workers and those in the area

London is a densely populated city, with buildings tightly packed into the capital, so carrying out blasting usually contaminates the immediate area for workers. Normally, small particles fired at surfaces using high pressure makes them disintegrate and form clouds which linger in the air and present a hazard if inhaled.

However, with dustless blasting, you ensure that the working environment and the surrounding area is not exposed to high levels of dust particles from the blasting process. This is because the particles are suppressed by the water used, removing the need to close off or shut down areas of a building or location. It’s safer for the public and it’s safer for the blasting technician.

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The dustless blasting process uses water and leaves the treated area clean

The ultimate goal of blasting is to leave a surface clear so that any paint or treatment can be easily applied. Dustless blasting, using water, means that the abrasive material isn’t left on the surface you’re cleaning, and you can proceed to the next phase of your project. If you’re blasting a metal surface and are worried about the risk of rust, you can mitigate this through the use of a rust inhibitor.

Dustless blasting is quick and easy

When compared with more traditional blasting techniques, the dustless system can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to cut through coatings and even graffiti which needs removing. Not only that, but the need for setting up containment areas is negated, which means the job can be done in less time, often in more restricted areas where normal blasting would be difficult to carry out.

So if you’re looking for a fast, easy way to clean or prepare surfaces, then look no further than modern dustless blasting. Whether it’s stone, steel or brickwork, this is a versatile solution for any need.

Providing dustless blasting for the whole of Hertfordshire and London, at J Radford Group we have the experience to deliver immaculate results for any surface. With trained and dedicated operatives and our ISO registered services, you can entrust your building or vehicle work to us.

Contact us today for more details about dustless blasting or to book with our team.

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