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Shopfitting – Bring Your Brand To Life

Posted on by J Radford Group

In retail, first impressions count for a lot. Shoppers aren’t always aware of it, but the look of a store and its layout can have a huge impact on subconscious decision making, as well as the customer’s perception of a store or a brand. As such, visual identity is more important than ever, with stores of all sizes needing to pay attention to their shopfitting.
In this month’s post we’re going to give you five tips for when you’re planning your store fit-out.

#1 Give Your Customers A Target

This rule is a pretty basic one, since many retailers already know the key to selling a product is to have it in the customer’s eyeline. Ensure the product, whether it’s a promotional item or a best-seller, is in a position which customers are normally driven to. A focal point in your store creates an avenue to walk towards, with an item people want to look at. Without any clear direction or distinction for your products, your store becomes aimless and off-putting to casual shoppers.

#2 Tell A Story

While some stores benefit from having an eclectic layout, very few can get away with such tactics. Consumers like to feel that everything is in its place, so your aisles and racks should tell a story. Keep items grouped together, or add a flow to different items. You can build outfits in a fashion store by keeping items together for inspiration. Basic food stores should have an easily discernible layout, if you customers can’t easily figure out the location of an item, they may give up and leave.

#3 What Is Your Image?

The best high end stores use a clean, minimalist look to present a high end perception. Modern, light and sharp, you too can give off the aura of prestige and a company at the top of its game. Think about whether you have the money and manpower to keep it clean, but look towards glass, chrome and other materials which give a refreshing shine.
If your look is more rustic, use more natural materials, like wood and stone. This adds weight and gravitas to your store and your brand, giving customers an authentic experience.

#4 Safety & Security

While style is important, you must also think about how secure and safe your store is when you plan the layout. A common tactic of shoplifters is to use corners and blind spots to carry out their thefts, leaving your staff with no chance of deterring or catching them. Corners can also make an easier climbing apparatus for kids if you have plenty of shelves, so think about safety aspects of your shelving too.

#5 Keep Disruption To A Minimum

Time is money – this old adage is truer than ever, and your shop being closed for a refit can be costly if you are closed for longer than you need to be. Think logistically to keep costs down, but also work hard on your design with the company carrying out the work. Once you know your materials and your limitations you will have a better idea of how long you need to be closed for, getting back to business as soon as possible. Avoidable delays will only make the process more painful on your margins.

Here at Radford Interiors we provide premier fit-out services for London and beyond. Contact us for more details on how we can help you create the best shopping experience for your customers and our professional team will be happy to help.

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