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Case Study #1

Posted on by J Radford Group

Here at J Radford Group, we are proud of the work we carry out, and put all of our expertise and dedication into every task. That’s why we wanted to share a case study with you, providing you with details of previous work to give you a better idea of how we operate and how we overcome the challenges presented to us on each individual job.

In this case study we’d like to share with you the processes we went through when working with a major UK property company that specialises in the commercial property construction industry. They are a top 100 construction company and employ over 2,000 people across the country, making them one of our most prestigious clients.

In December of last year our team was given the task of cleaning some of the newly refurbished student accommodation available in the West Midlands. Due to the nature of the work we were carrying out, we faced major health and safety issues, with our cleaning chemicals requiring careful and expert handling.

The busy nature of the site itself posed problems as some of the work required could not be carried out during normal working hours. This meant working into the night to ensure that the key tasks we were unable to perform in the daytime could be completed to bring the buildings up to standard.

We used a Doff combination when working at heights to get the best results. This involved using steam or hot water in combination with chemicals to remove staining and weathering from walls which were once caked in grime. These aged structures were brought back to life, showing off a range of hues in the brickwork.

Our teams worked day and night and in all kinds of weather to ensure this task was completed in time. Restrictions due to the location of the building made the work we carried out particularly difficult, but when working with chemicals in places that are accessible and nearby to the general public means that every care must be taken to ensure operations are carried out safely.

It took a full 6 weeks to carry out the work due to the obstacles presented in terms of days and times at which we were allowed perform certain high risk tasks, but our dedication and determination to get the job done – and to the highest standards – meant that we completed it on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

If you’d like to discuss your restoration, cleaning or conservation project with us, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our professional team are on hand to offer advice and can talk you through our services to ensure you get the right result and finish for your building or premises.


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