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Dustless Blast Cleaning

J Radford Group have built a reputation for first rate services at highly competitive prices.

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Dustless Blast Cleaning

At J Radford Group our dustless blast cleaning uses tiny blast media, such as recycled glass grains, coal slag or silica sand, dustless systems.

Dustless blast cleaning is a revolution in blasting that is quick, clean and environmentally friendly. Using tiny blast media, such as recycled glass grains, coal slag or silica sand, dustless systems clean any surface using water blasted at high pressure.

It cuts through paint, primer, vinyl, graffiti and more in a fraction of the time that it would take if using traditional methods. Whether you want to restore pride in a neglected building or recondition automotive parts and bodywork, our dustless blasting is just the tool for the job.

Dustless blasting is also ideal for metal parts, such as bodywork and boat parts that would warp under the stresses and heat of other blasting procedures. This is due to the cooling effect of the water in the system.

Here at J. Radford Group, we’re proud to offer a range of blasting services, vehicle refinishing and vinyl wraps to customers throughout Hertfordshire and London. Our expert operatives have over 30 years of experience in this sector and are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered, for your peace of mind.

For shot blasting, grit blasting, sand blasting, dustless blasting, or advice on what blasting method is best for your needs, contact us today.

Which Type Of Blasting Do I Need?

Dustless Blasting »

Where you don’t want to disturb your surroundings and need targeted blasting, vacuum-assisted dustless blasting is an ideal solution.

Grit & Shot Blasting »

Used to safely strip down structures and surfaces, this is ideal when you need to prepare or even out a surface.

Precision Blasting »

Low pressure blasting for restoration and conservation, coupled with precise, non-toxic abrasives achieves fantastic results.

Sand Blasting »

Sand blasting is no longer legal due to the harmful silica - we now use a variety of grit and glass abrasives to deliver first class blasting services instead.

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